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About Atcom Led

What we do?

Our company has been a high level manufacturer since its inception in 1989. Committed to quality and innovation, we have built a strong product portfolio of Wires and Cables, and Electrical Accessories and Fans. Our product lines have proven to be a huge success, and we have cultivated an extensive network of over 450 dealers, with products ranging from house wiring to industrial power cables.
Recognizing the revolutionary potential of LED lighting, in 2011 we expanded our product lines into LED-lighting technologies and applications. Since then, we have undertaken extensive research and development into this technology, and continue to strive to pioneer developments in this market.

Our management team

ATCOM LED is made up of a strong team with a diverse set of skills and strengths. The company is lead by the Director who directly oversees the team comprising of the general manager, production manager, quality control manager and research and development manager. Our senior management team has an average of 25 years of IT experience and a strong history of business, academic and technological accomplishments.


To make ATCOM LED a household name in the lighting industry by 2017.


To design, manufacture and source the most energy efficient, high performance LED lighting technology while offering our customers unbeatable pricing and a guarantee of the highest standard of quality.

Our Business Ethics

For years, ATCOM has been honored for its good practices. The company encourages its employees to educate the customer while selling products of the highest quality. We make sure that we satisfy not only our customers, but also our employees by providing them a great working environment.